Update Existing Letter Design, Mailed DesignUpdate

We will update your letter template that is on file with Chalk Line. Color letter printed on your choice of paper. Cost includes Printing, Supplies, Labor, & Postage.  Please provide the text, pictures and anything else we might need to update your template.  

There is a $10.99 “Design Update” fee for this service. “Design Update” fee includes design services to update a previously created In-House template in Adobe InDesign, to be used for future in-house “Design Updates.”

We will send a proof that will need to be approved before we start printing.


For the design update, please include any instructions for your designer, including updates to any colors, fonts, images, text, graphic placement or graphic element adjustments with your order. 

For any photos included with your design update, please make sure they are high-resolution (300 dpi or higher). PNG or JPEG is preferred. Please submit photos as separate files (NOT in a Word or Pages document.) 

If you are including text to be included for your letter, please upload it as a text document (Word or Pages), NOT as a PDF. 



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