Reliant How to Give Offline Brochure

The How to Start Giving brochure is the complete solution for mail-based, offline donors. Choose the amount, frequency, start date, and payment method (check, card, or bank). The perforated tear-away panel is meant to be returned in an envelope to the ministry worker or directly to gift processing.

Additional Details

  • Pair with a #9 Return Envelope.
  • The donor can include a voided check to verify bank account information or sign the check to have the check processed as a first gift.
  • Note the signature line on the back.
  • To avoid delays in gift processing, please submit an accompanying "New Gift Form" via Staffnet/Toolbox.
  • Provide this form to donors only upon request; online giving is more secure.
  • Comes in packs of 50. Order quantity: e.g., 1 = 50 forms.


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