Reliant MTD Presentation Book

The MTD Presentation Album is a vital visual aid for your story. It's a high-quality photo book with three key sections: the Need, the Solution, and "I am Reliant; I can't do this alone." Create your album in Google Slides, and upload the PDF for a glossy, softcover, coil-bound book fit for sharing your presentation in coffee shops, living rooms, or offices.

Important Info: 

  • Share Google Slides with comms admin ( for approval before ordering.
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5
  • Covers: 130# gloss cover with flush cut laminate
  • Inside: 80# gloss cover
  • Available in spiral bound

Important Reminders:

  • This is a one-time print process, so ensure your file is how you'd like it before uploading.
  • No changes can be made post-upload, so please review your presentation and confirm it's print-ready. 
  • Some pages/slides may not be edited (with Reliant and Giving info). Your MTD coach will guide you.
  • Maintain a specific slide count for proper page order; follow the Solomon instructions.
  • The pages work in pairs, so make sure to add an equal number of pages to avoid sync issues. 
  • High-quality photos are vital to avoid pixelation when printing.
  • Double-check your web address ( on the How to Give page.
  • Export to PDF: File > Download As... > PDF Document.
  • Open the PDF to spot errors, especially large image problems.

MTD Presentation Album Instructions:

  1. Access the desired Starter Template file located on Google Drive. Our templates are sized both for display on tablets and exporting to print. (Starter Template and tutorial on how to use Google Slides)
  2. Using the instructions above, begin designing your photo book. 
  3. Once designed, make a copy of your Google slide project.
  4. Share this copy with our communications administrator ( for approval before proceeding. 
  5. Once approved, export your presentation to a PDF and submit it here. 

Your book will arrive in 7 to 14 days. Need Help? Please reach out to our communications administrator ( for help. They will review your PDF before printing and help spot technical or design problems.

(max 200MB)


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